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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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The leader of the Provincial People's Committee inspected the goods import and export at Huu Nghi International Border Gate

On the morning of January 17, 2021, Mrs. Doan Thu Ha, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee checked the goods import and export at Huu Nghi International Border Gate.





The delegation checked the parking lot of Xuan Cuong Co., Ltd. and the quarantine post at Huu Nghi International Border Gate


According to the report of  Dong Dang - Lang Son Border Gate Economic Zone Management Board, from January 4, 2021, due to the sudden increase in the flow of goods, within these 14 days, the number of Chinese trucks in the parking lot of Xuan Cuong Co., Ltd. always maintains 500-600 vehicles per day, leading to many Vietnamese vehicles unable to enter the parking lot to deliver and receive goods, so there is a phenomenon of congestion extending to Doc Quyt area. By the end of January 14, 2021, the number of Vietnamese trucks carrying exported goods was 145 vehicles, the number of  trucks carrying imported goods from China was 531 vehicles and the number of Chinese trucks in the parking lot of Xuan Cuong Co., Ltd. was over 600 vehicles, though it works until 21:00 every day, the amount of congestion is still very high. Through research, goods congestion at Huu Nghi International Border Gate is due to the year-end, the demand for trade in import-export goods surges, many China's goods importing and exporting enterprises choose to export goods through Huu Nghi (Vietnam) - Huu Nghi Quan (China) road international border gate pair. At the same time, the screening of 100% goods importing vehicles leads to the situation that freight trucks have to be channeled into one area because there is only one screening projector, so the circulation of vehicles is difficult. The actual area of ​​the parking lot for vehicles to stop and transfer goods is only about 13-14 hectares, thus affecting the capacity of goods customs clearance. Many drivers belonging to the Chinese side's specialized driving team, after transporting the goods to the parking lot in the area of Huu Nghi International Border Gate, who have not finished delivering goods, have to return to operate other trucks or leave their empty trucks behind (the truck has finished goods delivery) to prioritize the transportation of freight trucks.


Facing the above situation, the functional forces at the border gate agreed and coordinated to implement measures such as adding more equipment, machinery, human resources and lanes at the parking lot control gate, the functional forces  extend the working time so that after receiving the goods, Vietnam's goods trucks will return inland for goods delivery. Xuan Cuong Co., Ltd. arranges  scales at the gate of the area bordering the road to Po Nhung Border Gate so that all vehicles of imported goods from China are weighed, facilitating loading and unloading goods and shortening exit and entry, import and export procedures and fulfilling financial obligations. The rate of screening containers of imported goods is reduced  to speed up the release of goods, arrange appropriate screening locations to avoid trucks running around and obstructing traffic. Propaganda is strengthened to Vietnam's businesses, goods owners, customs agents to coordinate information declaration before goods arrive at the border gate.


At the inspection session, leaders of departments, agencies and functional forces at the border gate discussed and proposed solutions to solve cargo congestion and ensure goods customs clearance in the border gate area such as piloting the establishment of a specialized driving team, expanding parking lots, planning Chinese vehicles without goods at private parking lots, arranging reasonable vehicle weighing points and so on. 



The Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee concluded the inspection session  


Concluding the inspection session, Mrs. Doan Thu Ha, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee highly appreciated the functional forces at the border gate for actively implementing solutions to effectively resolve goods congestion. The Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee also agreed with the solutions proposed by the Border Gate Economic Zone Management Board and functional forces, and at the same time requested Border Gate Economic Zone Management Board to continue its coordination with the functional forces to exchange talks with People's Government of Pingxiang, functional forces and enterprises on the Chinese side to agree on solutions such as extending customs clearance time in the day, improving the capacity of operating the specialized driving team, unifying the channeling to regulate vehicles, develop specific plans and soon establish a specialized driving team to transport goods cross the border, ensuring the "dual" goals, both preventing and combating the Covid-19 epidemic and implementing the socio-economic development. The Border Gate Economic Zone Management Board  is allowed to review and arrange the area for enterprises, goods owners and customs agents to declare, carry out import and export procedures on the 3rd floor of Huu Nghi International Border Gate Building, urgently prepare necessary conditions to install the internet system, transmission lines to serve the needs, create the best conditions for businesses and goods owners to proceed goods customs clearance. Relevant units must direct functional forces at the border gate to arrange personnel and equipment to ensure import and export goods customs clearance and the Covid-19 prevention and control according to regulations, soon consider the appropriate location for container screeners to ensure compliance with the Customs regulations and accelerate the goods customs clearance, direct the traffic police to actively coordinate the channeling and remote regulation of vehicles to reduce pressure for the border gate area, coordinate the implementation of measures to ensure the Covid-19 prevention and control, maintain the effective operation of the field posts to check the temperature of subjects entering or exiting the border gate. The provincial post office cooperates to effectively implement the insurance service in compliance with the civil liability at the border gate, timely assess, compensate, strengthen cooperation with Chinese partners to consider deploying more services, ensure timely handling of arising situations. It is necessary to create conditions for Xuan Cuong Co., Ltd. to exchange and hold talks with corresponding Chinese functional forces to inform relevant contents about the establishment of the specialized driving team. She wished that the functional forces at Huu Nghi International Border Gate promote the results of the year 2020, experience in working, keep relationships, well cooperate with each other in the border gate area, proactively exchange, hold talks with China's corresponding functional forces to grasp information, timely inform the situation, intensify dialogue and propaganda to guide enterprises, goods owners about new regulations, promptly encourage, reward and strictly handle violations, interference, trouble causing  for enterprises and people./.


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