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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025

Lang Son - the frontier of the motherland, is a very sacred land of the mind of every Vietnamese citizen, the gateway to the north of the country, the north to Cao Bang, the east. It borders China to the southeast, Quang Ninh to the south, Bac Giang to the south, Thai Nguyen province to the southwest, Bac Kan to the west.


Lang Son has a natural area of ​​8,305.21 km2, 231.74 km bordered by the the area of Choang ethnic group in Guangdong Province, China, with two international and railroad crossings, one border gate main and 9 auxiliary border gates. Transportation system is convenient both in railways and roads, National Highways 1A, 1B, 4A, 4B, 279 connecting Lang Son with other provinces in the country and abroad.


Lang Son has a population of more than 75 thousand people, a place of convergence of ethnic groups with the main ethnic groups such as Tay, Nung, Kinh, Dao, Hoa, Mong, San Chay with customs, folk songs, then singing, sli singing, luon singing ... make people glamorous, the highland markets, the colors of traditional costumes, the folk songs bring bold national identity …


Lang Son is a land of great potential for tourism development, manifesting itself in the cultural traditions associated with traditions, religions and beliefs with more than 300 special traditional festivals. It is bestowed by the natural upon many interesting landscapes and caves, such as Tam Thanh cave, Nhi Thanh cave, Nang To Thi cave. Besides, in association with the process of raising and protecting the country, his father has more than 600 Historical relics such as Ai Chi Lang, Thanh Nha Mac ... Lang Son has long been known as a land of potential, strength in the type of spiritual tourism with a system of many houses, pagodas. Throughout the province such as Bac Le Temple, Ky Cung Temple together - Ta Phu, Mau Dong Dang Temple, Tan Thanh Pagoda, Thanh Pagoda ... Also a beautiful countryside, with blue water of romantic Ky Cung river …

Lang Son has a cool year-round climate, which is a favorable condition for the development of ecotourism and resorts such as Mau Son and Chop Chai... The tropical climate creates products in Lang Son which are also very rich as Star Anise, Vietnamese curry…The fruits of Lang Son is also very rich as Trang Dinh apricots, Binh Gia plum, Bac Son tangerines, Bao Lam peaches, Mau Son peaches, Chi Lang custard apples. The famous cuisine of Lang Son has long been famous for its own style such as roast pork, Khau nhuc, sour noodles... recognized as the specialty and attractive products in Vietnam.


The material and technical facilities also are on a rich variety. The system of tourist accommodation and travel business is increasingly invested, upgraded create positive changes attract more and more tourists to Lang Son. Currently, there are 05 travel agencies in Lang Son province, with more than 200 accommodation establishments. In general, in recent years tourism businesses in tourism and services have been effective and have provided stable income and employment for workers in Lang Son province through business experience, with its own experience, with the advantages of local and especially in the context of regional and international integration as well as international integration, to operate the business. Effectively expanding the market, each unit has a strategic orientation to maintain and grow more and more.


Under such conditions, it is determined that the province has the potential to develop tourism in the past years. The provincial Party Committee, the People's Council and the People's Committee of the province have developed guidelines for tourism development through the master planning. Tourism development of the province in the period of 2010-2020 and vision towards 2030, directives, resolutions, special topics and action program on further promoting the development of Lang Son tourism "Development of Lang Son tourism is suitable to the strength of the province so as to quickly become a key economic branch of the province, contributing to accelerating the process of economic restructuring, raising the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. Tourism development must create close links between economic, cultural and social sectors; It must be associated with the preservation and promotion of the national culture and traditions; combining the protection and improvement of the ecological environment; To maintain political security, social order and safety. "Step by step make Lang Son become an important trade exchange center of the North, and make Lang Son a busy tourist center of the whole country not only attracts tourists Traveling in China, but also attracting more and more Eastern European tourists to Lang Son, in addition to enjoying the beauty they also study the history, culture and people of Lang Son.


With the potential strengths of the province, Lang Son wishes to expand cooperation relations with tourism development with other provinces; attracting abundant capital from domestic and foreign investors to turn the potential into reality, believe that it will create a breakthrough in the coming years, contributing actively to build Vietnamese tourism image is attractive in the eyes of international friends.