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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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Branding for Bao Lam

After a year of carrying out the scientific research project "Building Geographical Indications" of Bao Lam for Bao Lam District, Lang Son Province, in early November, the specialty species of Lang village will be be granted a geographical indication certificate.

The project was implemented by the Institute of Agricultural Planning and Design of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordination with Lang Son Department of Science and Technology. Dr. Luong Dang Ninh, director of the provincial Department of Science and Technology, said: "Being certified for geographical indications not only helps Bao Lam assure its brand, it is not confused with other roses such as roses. Bac Kan, pink hybrid Japan in Mai Chau ... but also known to consumers, improving economic efficiency.

Bao Lam seedless seed is a famous pink variety grown in Bao Lam Commune, Cao Loc District and surrounding communes in Cao Loc and Van Lang District, Lang Son Province. In particular, seedless roses are grown in Bao Lam commune for higher productivity and quality, and this is also the cradle of the fruit. According to studies in the subject, Bao Lam seedless roses belong to the family, pink round, small heart shaped, no seeds. On the stalk there are four small ears, when the ripe brown wood ears are brown and slightly curved upward. The stem has 4-6 dorsal spines that extend from the stem to the middle of the fruit to light up 6-8 segments. Ripe fruit is yellowish red or yellowish green; thick shell, smooth without shadow; flesh-colored red yellow orange or dark gold, smooth; crispy fruit, fragrant, sweet sweet; The cross section of the fruit has the same 8-12-petal shape, the dark yellow color, the petals are made by the granules; longitudinal section without fruit, smooth fruit, almost no black spots, no seeds.

The communes in Cao Loc and Bao Lam Districts are areas with typical soil and climatic conditions suitable for the growth and development of seedless persimmon and these conditions have created a special quality of Bao Lam seedless roses compared to those grown in other areas. The topography is low-lying hills and low mountains, with an average elevation of 250 to 300 m, cool climate, average slope of 8 to 25 degrees. There are two main types of soil: yellow red soil on claystone (Fs) and red soil on magma acid rock (Fa). Moisture and low rainfall in the Bao Lam area of ​​Lang Son in the ripening stage is the reason for the high quality of the persimmon, contributing to maintaining the nutrient content and making the fruit look better. , avoid the rotten if the rain continuously.

Lang Son has about 250 ha of Bao Lam in Cao Loc district, with an average selling price of over VND40,000 / kg for income of VND100 million / ha. This is a great source of income for ethnic minorities in border areas of Lang Son province.