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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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Dong Dang village, Bac Son commune, Bac Son district

Speaking of Bac Son (Lang Son), it refers to the ancient culture area - "Bac Son culture", referring to the magnanimous Bac Son uprising with places such as Tam canh pass, Mo Nhay post, and Nong Luc temple. and famous specialties like tangerines and cakes, wine with sticky yellow flowers.

Walking around the rice market in Bac Son with a variety of delicious rice, from rice to eat eight kinds of rice, glutinous rice ... are all enough, but when asked to sticky rice yellow flowers anyone. .. shook his head. Duong Thi Hong, a prominent street vendor of Bac Son town, said that this kind of rice is not so good for displaying markets selling mainly rice traders to buy rice for rubbing to "distribute. "For specialty restaurants in Lang Son city or downstream locations. Want to buy right in Bac Son commune to ask, because in Bac Son commune also only a few villages are growing this kind of rice.

Mr. Duong Cong Khoa, Chairman of Bac Son Commune People's Committee, said that no one remember where this rice came from and was planted ever since, only know that, before 1940, some people planted a few yards to plant Tet and processing the cake in the holidays and holidays; However, the local bureaucrats robbed them so much that they had to be brought into the hide for use gradually and to breed. Strangely, the cassava seedlings in the cassava are more delicious than the previous crop. Through these stories, it is believed that the spirit of heaven and earth has gathered in the seeds to bring a special flavor to the people here.

However, with the increasing demand for food production, due to the low yield of this type of sticky rice, few growers, this type of sticky rice has fallen out. The use of rice cake distillation, Tay cake, wine brew ... people often take rice glutinous rice or sticky rice usually replaced. Sticky yellow flowers are only really wake up when the demand of people increase, the type of community tourism in the area began to develop.

However, it is not always possible to grow good rice varieties in Bac Son commune. Even in Bac Son commune, only the households of Bac Son and Dong Dang villages have this special product. Therefore, the total output is very limited with about 200 tons per year. There are many people in other parts of the province, especially in Trang Dinh district where the "white rice", the home of many good rice varieties are famous for buying seeds for cultivation, but not as delicious as so Even when the seeds move to neighboring villages, or adjacent communes such as Quynh Son, Huu Vinh ... also different.

Ms. Duong Thi Man, Dong Dang village only the golden flowers on the floor said: "Along with some households in the village, my family has this tradition of sticky rice. Every year, even if hungry, there are also a few stalks of golden flowers for soups, ancestral worship packs. Since the market demand for this kind of increase, we have boldly planted this type as commodity products. This year, my family transplanted 1.5 tons, harvested over 2 tons, the price of 22 thousand VND / kg of rice, the rice is over 30 thousand VND / kg. When harvesting, it was not sunny, but until the holidays, the list of subscribers had few pages. "

Asked why few people cultivate this kind of rice, she said: "Perhaps because the rice is very" precise ", only the fields in the valley with rocks, regional climate, water Clean, the new rice is delicious, so those who have fields outside can not grow. A neighbor added: "It is impossible to imagine how fragrant it is. Only a person with a sticky sticky golden flowers, all the roofs of the house smell fragrant. The people here also distinguish the smell of sticky yellow flowers grown in Dong Dang, Bac Son with the scent of sticky yellow flowers in other villages.

As the community tour in Quynh Son and Bac Son was opened, the sticky rice flower was presented together with other products that made a difference in the tours of Hanoi - Quynh Son - Bac Son, Lang Son- Dong Dang- Quynh Son- Bac Son with banh chung, Tay cake, sticky rice, sticky rice and especially wine with golden sticky rice. At the beginning of spring, it would be fortunate for anyone to enjoy the wine and the products of the golden sticky rice, along with chickens and hills, sweet tangerines in the cozy stilt house, join the folk festivals in the cold Light of the Bac Son Spring ...