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Establishment of Mau Son highland wine association

On 12/10/2011 at the Mau Son Tourism Festival took place the Mau Mountain Upland Association for the first time in 2011. Attending the Congress were the comrades Luong Dang Ninh - director of the Department of Science and Technology The Mr. Bui Gia Tuan - Deputy Director of the Department of Trade and Industry of Lang Son; Leaders of Management Board of Mau Son Tourism Area; Leaders of 3 communes of Mau Son, Cong Son, Cao Loc, Mau Son, Loc Binh and the entire Board of Association established 57 members to join the association.

Mau Son wine, or rather, the line of folk wine originating from the high mountains of Mau Son in the three communes of Mau Son, Cong Son Cao Loc and Mau Son Loc Binh is one of the favorite foods of the country. It is the pride of the Lang Son people when exchanging with friends in the whole country.

Prior to 2005, the production and consumption of alcohol in Mau Son Mountain brought significant income to ethnic minority people, contributing positively to poverty reduction in these three communes. The production of alcohol is a lever for economic development, especially agricultural economy - animal husbandry. Promote cultural exchanges between localities. At this time Mau Son wine is reasonable price, good quality should demand large.

Since then, due to many subjective and subjective factors, this line of folk wine is losing credibility in the market. The quality and output are declining sharply, many households have abandoned the wine. There are many different causes, including many businesses producing alcohol from other localities, or Mau Son wine but do not follow the production process and quality is not guaranteed. But they still take the name "Mau Son", originating from Mau Son. Uncertain quality, unhealthy competition, they are not aware of the need to preserve the traditional values ​​and characteristics of Mau Son cuisine culture. Moreover, raw materials for yeast production are increasingly scarce due to the lack of attention to investment development. Even many households who run short-term profits have used the type of yeast of unknown origin to produce alcohol for high productivity, but the quality of this wine can not be guaranteed. Great influence on the reputation of Mau Son wine.

According to the investigation results of the Board of Trade established Mau Son Mountain Winery Association. Currently, there are 34 types of liquor in the market as well as private enterprises trading alcohol originating from Mau Son, the quality and price of these wines are uneven for skeptics. Consumers, they can not know which wine has the same taste as the traditional wine of Dao Cong-Mau Son.

Facing this situation, the Department of Science and Technology of Lang Son has instructed the Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality to organize a seminar to find solutions to protect the brand and improve the quality of wine originating from Mau Son mountainous areas. . Throughout the workshop, there were many valuable comments in order to find solutions. There are many opinions of liquor traders and especially the opinion of village chiefs, who directly produce distilled wine. Based on the results of the workshop, in September 2010, the Department of Science and Technology decided to set up a committee to promote Mau Son upland production, processing and trading.

Through a year of advocacy, the support of a large number of households directly producing wine, the village chiefs, local authorities and businesses, up to the end of June 2011 has been on. 50 members registered to join the Association.

Thanks to the positive results, on July 11, 2011, the People's Committee of Lang Son province issued Decision No. 1087 / QĐ-UBND authorizing the establishment of the Association of Mau Son.

On October 12, 2011, Mau Son Association of Wine jointly held the first Congress. With the unification of the Congress elected the Board of Directors. Doan Quyet Chien - Chairman of the Corporation Development Corporation Cong Truong was elected president of the Association.

(Convention Scene)

We believe that the establishment of the Mau Son upland wine association will contribute to the promotion of value, quality, belief in a large number of consumers and the branding of highland wine. Mau Son sustainable development. Hope from this Mother Mountain will always be the pride of the people of Lang Son.

Ninh Van Xa

(Mau Son Tourism Management Board)