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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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Lime of Mau Son forest - Forest products of Lang

Lang Son is famous for its Mau Son peak, which is 1,500 m above sea level, covered with cloud cover, cool climate and many kinds of products that are popular among tourists. There are lemon forest, a very small lemon fruit, thick shell, aromatic.

Lemon is a cold tolerant plant, often living in areas where the average temperature is over 200C. In the Cong - Mau Son mountain range, this species grows naturally in the hillsides, low bushes upstream of the streams, small creeks.

Under the technical guidance of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Lang Son and Dong Bac Seed Joint Stock Company, a number of people and people have propagated the planting in accordance with the planning of garden land around the house, About 5 to 7 years of flowering and fruiting trees. Harvest time is from May to October every calendar year. Lemon fruit is harvested from the time when the green shell, when ripe fruits are lemon yellow, lemon peel is sweet, tart pulp, small seeds, each fruit has from 3 to 5 seeds. Ms. Trieu Tan Son (Pac Tra Village, Cong Son Commune, Cao Loc District) said: "My family planted about 600 lemon trees. Each year brought in the tourist area, income more than 100 million. This money helps my family improve their livelihood, raise their children's education. "

According to experience of Dao ethnic people in Mau Son, lemon forest soaked with white salt or honey has good effect in the treatment of pharyngitis, cough, cold treatment. Lemongrass is used to make chicken, duck and spicy dishes for other items. Lemon forest is soaked with bamboo shoots, chilli is only a spicy food of many people in the meal. In recent years, lemon forest has become a commodity, a tourist product of Mau Son mountain range, popular with visitors, bought as gifts.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong (Hoang Van Thu ward, Lang Son city) said: "Every summer, my family also went to Mau Son. Enjoy the cool air just bought lemon for salt or honey to make medicine and spices. Every time I know Sam Son, my friends also called by phone, 5 kg, 10 kg people. "

Known at the beginning of the crop, this fruit is sold to the Dao ethnic Dao for about 80-100 thousand per kg, between the price of 40-50 thousand per kg. A bottle of lemon forest salt 500ml available for sale at the Mau Son tourist site is priced from 40 to 60 thousand VND, while a honey jar with a capacity of 1 liter worth from 500 to 600 thousand. Mr. Nguyen Hai Dang, Head of Mau Son Tourism Management Board, said: "To avoid the situation of self-raising, cutting tourists as other places, we have coordinated propaganda and raising awareness for the children. culture tourism, sustainable tourism development. At the same time issue a letter requesting business establishments to list the selling price of each specific product, to give visitors satisfaction. "
With the interest and involvement of local authorities, from the research and replication of forest gardens to market management, it is believed that lemon forest as well as many specialty fruits The mountainous area of ​​Mau Son will contribute to the diversification of tourism products, create brand names, attract tourists to Lang Son.