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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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Tien pagoda festival

Location: Chi Lang ward, Lang Son City

Time: January 18, (lunar calendar)


Tien Pagoda is located in the heart of Dai Tuong Mountain, in Chi Lang Ward, Lang Son City. The festival of the pagoda originated from the worship of stone and worshiped the water source of the agricultural people. This is one of the very popular festival motifs in Vietnam. On the occasion of New Year, Tien Festival is the traditional cultural festival is the most fun, exciting and most typical in Lang Son. The festival takes place on the 18th of January. The ceremony, including: the ceremony of Buddhist worship, with the ceremony and the ceremony ceremony. Especially in the festival of Tien pagoda, the gifts on the altar are not offered rotating pigs - sacrifices are often offered at other festivals.


The present day Tien Pagoda is a festival of talent, fortune, spring travel. Therefore, the festival has gone beyond the village festival. Many visitors in the neighboring provinces and provinces tend to come to festivals. Not only that, Tien pagoda is also the most beautiful landscapes of Lang Son city. The festival is also a meeting place for ethnic people of Lang Son, where the games, folk plays such as lion dance, chess, singing, singing, etc. are performed. traditional culture of Lang.