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Phai Lua (Boi Be) festival

Location: Hong Phong commune, Binh Gia district

Time: January 04 (lunar calendar)


Festival of Flying - Swimming in Van Mich district Binh Gia, is a unique festival full of elements of legends, cultural beliefs and sports spirit, martial arts. The burial festival is held on April 4 of the lunar year of the leap year (ie, 3 years of one lane) at Ba, Pa Ke and Dao Ong villages in Van Mien street and race rafts in the river before Mr. Ong. .


Originating from the legend, the Festival of Fools was held with the meaning of welcoming God Snake back to Van Mich visit parents and relatives, to always remember the gratitude and admiration of the extraordinary strength with the will, Determined to destroy the whole flood of evil. Boat race is to welcome, to commemorate the snake day into the river to fight with Luong to keep life for the villagers.

Before the boat race the body prepared to choose the boat craftsman in the area. Following is the selection of male riders, regardless of age, good health, boating experience and most importantly that person does not do bad things contrary to the fine customs of villagers. Day 4/4 lunar festival is held. The people along the Van Mich river and neighboring villages come to Dinh Ong. The sacrifice consists of a table with a solid palanquin (made of symbolic materials), with pork, chicken, sticky rice and alcohol. P mo mo perform sacrifice ceremony Snake invited god to attend, visit the parents and the villagers and bless everyone healthy and peaceful, bumper harvests, cattle breeding, pigs are full of floods .

The festival takes place all day with solemn rituals, attractive games that attract a large crowd to participate. After the ceremony is the boat race. People down the village concentrated on the river to witness the race and cheer for the boat that he admired.

Also in Sli singing festival, the singing of groups of young men and women Tay - Nung is happening very naturally especially at night. Young men and women have the opportunity to get acquainted with each other through Sli, glider:

“Hội Phài Lừa – Văn Mịch vui lai

Slao slương vạ Báo quai Sli, Lượn”

(Hội đua thuyền Văn Mịch vui nhiều

Gái sắc cùng Trai tài Sli, Lượn)

“Hoi Phai Lua – Van Mich vui lai

Slao sluong va Bao quai Sli, Luon”

(Hoi dua thuyen Van Mich vui nhieu

Gai sac cung Trai tai Sli, Luon)


After a period of hiatus, it has now been restored to meet the needs of exchanging and enjoying the culture of the people inside and outside the province.