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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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Thanh pagoda


Thanh Pagoda is an ancient temple, located at Hung Vuong Street, Chi Lang Ward, Lang Son City. Thanh Pagoda was formerly located next to the Lang Son Group of Mai Pha - Chau On, established by the people in the area around the 15th century (the Le), then the pagoda is called Huong Lam Pagoda but because of the Do Thanh Thanh people are known as Thanh Pagoda. In 1796, under the reign of King Canh Thinh, the pagoda was moved to its present location about 200m away from its former location and was named Dien Khanh Tu.


Thanh Thanh is an architectural masterpiece built in the style of "foreign interior". At the same is the gate Three-way, turn to the west, built in style match husband: 2 floor 8 roof, above the "Double Dragon". Inside the Tam Quan is Dai Bai, the family, main electricity, harem ... On the right side, the courtyard is home to the Patriarchate and the mother.


On the interior, Thanh pagoda has a very rich and diversified system of statues, mainly concentrated in the Upper Palace. The entire system of worshiping statues (including 53 large and small statues) of Thanh Pagoda is cast in solid bronze. In 2007, this system of statues was confirmed by the Vietnam Register Book Center as "The temple has the most solid bronze statue system in Vietnam". Besides, the horizontal, the parallel sentences of the temple are also carved fine. Many of them are gilded and aged hundreds of years old


Particularly, the pagoda still preserves the 600 kg brass cast from the 9th CID year (1671) under the reign of King Le Huyen Tong and the Dien Khanh inscription of self-sealing (Dien Khanh Pagoda) signed in 1796. during the reign of King Canh Thinh.


This is a famous Buddhist temple in Lang Son for centuries. Coming to Thanh Thanh at the present time, guests also admire the Buddha statue of Thich Nhac ni meditation, weighing more than 30 tons, was newly proposed Buddhist in early 2013./.