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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025
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Located in the heart of Lang Son city, Tam Thanh cave belongs to Nhi Tam Thanh - To Thanh Mountain - To Mac hamlet, 6m far from Pao Soai crossroad, follow Tam Thanh road.


This is a famous historical, cultural and landscapes of Lang. There are temples called Tam Thanh Pagoda (also known as Thanh Thien Pagoda).



Tam Thanh pagoda is a place of worship of Dao, Tam Thanh (Ngoc Thanh, Thuong Thanh, Thai Thanh), so called Tam Thanh Pagoda. Later, due to the influence of many factors, Taoist faint in the minds of local people, people bring the elements of worship of Buddhism, worship the holy into the relics.


At present, this place becomes a place of worship of many types of religious beliefs with worshiping places such as Tam Bao Palace, Holy Mother Temple, Son Trang Palace ... with a rich system of worship. The most valuable in terms of dating and fine art is Adioda relief dating back to the seventeenth century carved into the cliff standing in the leaf bodhi tree, located above the Triple Jewels.


According to ancient bibliography, researchers believe that Tam Thanh pagoda dates back to the Le dynasty. Over many periods of ups and downs of history, Tam Thanh pagoda still preserves the system of writing beer is quite rich, valuable in history and literature and literature by the literature, poetry through the. historical period to stay. The earliest known date of the beer is "Thanh tu Thanh Thien dong", which was made in the second Vinh Tri (1677) by the North Vietnamese Army, Admiral Thiem, Thang Thang created. Especially, there is also a stel plate in the script in the province of Lang Son by Thai Binh Weekly was Dao Trong Van wrote in 1924.


Go deep in the Sound of the lake, cool water, never dry up, water flowing all day and night. In the cave ceiling there are many natural stalactites from ancient times with the mysterious life forms such as Ngo Dong, Tien Ong, Leo, Elephant ... Going inside to a small stage with two doors The light shining on the cave makes the stalactites beautifully shimmering. From Tam Thanh cave, there is a path up to Vong Thi hill so that visitors can admire the stone statue of To Thi bong son waiting for her husband, then visit the traditional house of the Tay ethnic group in Lang Son.


Besides the unique values ​​of religious beliefs, art literature, sources ... to Tam Thanh Cave - Tam Thanh Pagoda, visitors will admire the beauty of the natural landscape and harmony. I am in the festive atmosphere of Tam Thanh pagoda is held on January 15 every year with many traditional rituals and customs of the people of Lang.