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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025

Huu Lung district

Submitted by Michael Riethmuller on 7 December 2020

Huu Lung district


It is located in the southwest of Lang Son province, with the natural area of ​​806.74 km2. It borders Van Quan district and Bac Son district in the north, Thai Nguyen province in the west, Bac Giang province to the southwest and the south, Chi Lang district (Lang Son province) and Luc Ngan, Lang Giang districts (Bac Giang province) to the east.


Huu Lung district has 26 administrative units including Huu Lung Township and 25 communes, with the total population of 121,735 people in 2019. There are seven main ethnic groups living in harmony, namely Nung, Kinh, Tay, Dao, Hoa, Cao Lan, San Diu and so forth.


Huu Lung has many relics of communal houses, temples and pagodas such as Bắc Lệ Temple (Tan Thanh commune); Quan Giám Sát Temple, Chầu Lục Temple (Hoa Lac commune); Cã Pagoda (Minh Son commune); Suối Ngang Temple (Hoa Thang commune); Phố Vị Temple (Ho Son commune); Chúa Cà Phê Temple, Voi Xô Temple (Hoa Thang commune); Ba Nàng Temple (Cai Kinh commune); Chò Ngô festival (Yen Thinh commune), etc., and there are many landscapes in the area such as Mỏ Heo, Dong Tan commune (streams with beautiful landscapes); Yen Thinh and Huu Lien communes with the beautiful environment and scenery, stilt houses, springs, forests; Tan Lap commune with Dơi Cave, Thờ Cave, Đèo Thạp Cave; Thien Ky commune with Dragon Cave and so on.