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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2020 - 2025

Loc Binh district

Submitted by Michael Riethmuller on 7 December 2020

Loc Binh district


It is a mountainous, border district of Lang Son province, with the total natural area of ​​98,642.7 ha (according to the land inventory data in 2014), located in the southeast of Lang Son province and 23 km from Lang Son city along National Road 4B from Lang Son to Quang Ninh; the district has the border line of 28,89 km adjacent to China. It borders Cao Loc district and the People's Republic of China to the north; Dinh Lap district to the east; Chi Lang district to the west; Dinh Lap district and Bac Giang province to the south.


Loc Binh district has 21 administrative units including two townships (Loc Binh, Na Duong) and 19 communes. The total population of Loc Binh district in 2019 was 84,740 people, with six main ethnic groups living in harmony, namely Tay, Nung, Kinh, Dao, Hoa, San Chi.


Loc Binh has the famous Mau Son mountain at the altitude of 1,541 meters above the sea level, surrounded by Father Mountain and more than 80 large and small "children and grandchildren" mountains, with beautiful landscapes, low temperature background suitable for ecotourism development and being an ideal resort.